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A Slow Motion Production: Le CoCo Portraits by Elise

I recently contacted Ben from Slow Motion Pictures to make a video for me – but not just any video… I wanted him to create something that really showcased the fun and energy that is me and my portrait sessions, that is the le Coco experience. Ben and his wife Angie far far far exceeded my expectations, I cannot adequately express how happy I am with this mini movie below.

From the get-go Ben and Angie were on my page, I told them what I had in mind, they shared their ideas too and our brainstorming/storyboarding session was almost as much fun as the shoot itself.

A huge thank you goes out to Andrew and Donna, who trekked across Sydney to allow their beautiful girls Sarah and Elizabeth to be part of the fun, the stars if you will! and I think many of you will recognise a certain monkey that makes a cameo appearance also!

You can also check out the blog post of this actual photo shoot too!


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