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central coast preschool & Daycare photography

The Gottschalk’s | St Ives Family Photographer

What can be captured in 30 mins??? A LOT! It helps having a super fun family and two gorgeous dogs.

I photographed this family last year however was unable to share their shoot for the fact the photos were for a birthday gift. That has been and gone so I can now show off this mini session.

I have know this family for a while, I have slept in their beds…….  I was house sitting! I don’t make a habit of sleeping in other peoples beds haha. I blogged about that experience too if you want to know. So back to the story, I have known them for a while, however I had NO IDEA just how much fun they are as a family, how close they are, how silly they are. I may have mentioned this to a mutual friend who beamed “oh yes! that is totally them!” haha.

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