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sunday morning rain is falling | Sydney Children’s Photographer

Every Sunday morning, rain or shine (today we had rain) these two gorgeous sisters, Elizabeth and Sarah, help mum and dad make pancakes for breakfast.

Elizabeth gets to whip the cream while Sarah helps mum with the batter and fruit salad, dad gets busy making coffee and baby-chinos for the girls.

I was lucky enough to be invited over to capture this Sunday morning ritual and even luckier to get the chance to indulge in the final product… delicious. I told Elizabeth that the cream was yumm her reply “I know”, I guess when you have been doing it for so long you just know right! haha. After breakfast the girls changed into their raincoats and gumboots grabbed their umbrellas and we headed outside to play in the rain and soggy autumn leaves. Before I left I joked that I might have to ‘accidently’ delete all the photos I took today, just to have an excuse to come back for breakfast next Sunday  ;)

I had such a tough time picking the images I wanted to blog, I could have used another 40 or so. I may, mayyyy, do another blog post in a few days once I finish the editing. There is banana bread, hermit crabs and a random rubiks cube to show you!  but for now… it’s my bed time.


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