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I don’t ordinarily share people’s stories on my blog, I tend to keep my words more focused on my work and the simple delights of the shoot at hand. But Georgia and Matt have a story to tell. And there’s a beautiful, touching part of this story that makes me want to tell you about it. In a world when we feel like we are in control – sometimes the very best parts of life are the things we least expected. And if the road is windy, or long or maybe just hugely surprising – whatever – with love on our side we’ll all just get by in this crazy journey we call modern life…

Aaah pregnancy. Such a beautiful time. Nine long months rubbing your belly and dreaming what your little bundle of joy will be like. Planning a baby room, choosing a name, making a birth plan… or not!
Meet Georgia and Matt. A couple who’s pride and joy, adorable baby Quinn came as quite the surprise.

And that’s where this story begins.

Mid 2012 Georgia and Matt decided it was time for an adventure. They rented out their home and planned a dream holiday – a time they’d enjoy leisurely immersing themselves in all that Europe had to offer.  It was just prior to embarking on their travels that Georgia discovered she was – surprise – pregnant! 26 weeks pregnant in fact. What a shock! A baby was to be welcomed – and soon! There had been no signs, no vomiting, or swollen ankles, midnight ice cream dashes or even a belly to be seen. In a daze travel plans instead became family plans as the pair began to adjust to the idea that their ‘two’ was soon to become ‘three’.

Ten weeks later, Georgia finished up at work and began her maternity leave. Four long weeks that she planned to spend catching up on all the missed stomach rubbing, strange-food-eating and nursery planning she’d missed out on!

What’s that saying about ‘best laid plans?’ In the early hours of her first night of maternity leave Georgia went into early labour. Four hours later, after only two and a bit months of being knowingly pregnant Georgia and Matt were parents!

And here she is. The little lady with her own agenda, Baby Quinn. Perfect in every way and already the apple of her Mum and Dad’s eye. And for a couple that only had ten short weeks to prepare themselves for a baby, these guys are naturals. Like ducks to water Georgia and Matt have adapted to a new life fulfilling the most important job in the world –  being Mum and Dad.

So, yep. Life. We plan it, we schedule it and then sometimes we just have to throw caution to the wind and roll with what’s to come. And look what a miracle a little destiny can bring.

Welcome little Quinn. I think we’ve a whole life of surprises ahead with you bubby.




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