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Claudia & Lloyd | Sydney Pregnancy Photography

Today was the hottest day on record for 2012 – I think we deserve a standing ovation for getting out there in that heat! More so does Claudia being nearly 8mths pregnant and having to traipse around the giant gardens that are Fagan Park.
I had so much fun at this session, between the sweaty walking about that is haha.

Though he wasn’t too keen on the idea of today’s shoot, Lloyd absolutely worked his charm crazy and rocked it, which had Claudia laughing in between shaking her head and rolling her eyes at him.

I love hearing my clients stories, how they met, married and their plans for welcoming their first child into the world – It makes me so happy to walk away from shoots knowing someone else’s story, knowing this baby boy is so lucky and so loved. It makes me happy to know that for a brief moment they welcomed me into their world to capture a piece of it. It could be the heat on this hot night, but I’m feeling ever so grateful! :D


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