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I was itching like crazy from rolling in the grass, covered in scratches, bitten, bruised and beaten… ok ok so I’m being slightly dramatic! I was itchy, I did get bitten but with cute playful puppy bites and by the end of it I was just as tired as Franklin and his mummy… he sure is a fast little pup! I can’t say I was not warned that photographing puppies was a challenge, but I am so glad I took on the challenge.. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Franklin (love the name so much) is as Samoyed and just 3 months old, full of energy and covered in the softest white fur which didn’t stay so clean and white for long after he discovered the ducks in the pond.

His mum and I joked that he is such a boy… he loves getting muddy and dirty, loves laying on his back with all on display, has selective hearing and is lazy when he wants to be. Yes such a boy!

This boy was such a delight to photograph and I am sure he will sleep well tonight… I know I will.


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