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As I type this, my hands are covered in faded black ink, I have all this morning been practising using my wonderful new stamp.. still trying to figure out how to keep most of the ink on the paper and not get it all over myself, its been many long years since I have used a stamp like this and I wonder how a kid version of me was able to get it right so quick, then again maybe I should ask my mum if my memory is failing me and she indeed did have to battle my ink covered hands and god knows what else.

So I am still working on my packaging, I have endured many a sleepless night tossing and turning while thinking up ideas and stressing about Australia’s lack of wonderful suppliers compared to the United States (those lucky ducks). I know what I want but executing it is proving more dificult than anticipated *sigh*

It is slowly coming together though and I am excited ; )

I ordered a custom stamp with my logo from.. you guessed it.. the US of A! from Etsy to be precise to be even more precise it was made by the oh so talented JLMould  need a custom stamp.. ask Jessica, she rocks! One problem that I have with ordering things from the States is the delivery time, and while it didn’t take that long to arrive, when one is checking the mailbox two times a day with anticipation and excitement a couple of weeks feels like forever.. I am not even sure it was a couple of weeks but seeing it felt like months, a couple weeks sounds good. Anyway it is finally here and I am on a ‘stampede’ hehe stamping everything I can get my hands on..

Here is a little preview.. one of my attampts that actually worked : )

packaging for lecoco

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