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Saskia and I met at the beginning of high school, we started out as simple bus buddies but that quickly grew into a lasting friendship. she knew me then. she knows me now. we have history. we have a story.  

If I had to write a list of the people I could thank for truly helping me become the person I am today she would be close to the top if not the top of that list. She has been with me though so so much, a few break-ups, buckets of tears and hysterical moments, along with loads of laughter, silly jokes and coffee dates full of gossip and priceless advice. She is the most beautiful person I know and not just on the outside, she is unbelievably smart, intensely funny, crazily crazy and I love her to bits. She works her butt off at what she does and her life is constantly go go go, yet she always has time to listen and chat. She is one of a kind and no matter what happens I know we will be friends.

When others turned their back on me, there was Saskia. I cannot thank her enough and these words will never be able to explain how much I appreciate her for being such a true friend, in every sense of the word, for the past 11 years. She is a remarkable woman and Brad aka B-Rad is one lucky guy.


Me: “hey Brad what do you love most about Saskia?”

Brad: “…I…..umm……love…..ummm…………….everything?”

Saskia: “writers block?”

I don’t know what to say about Saskia’s wonderful man Brad. He adores her, that much is obvious! I personally think he is the bees knees because he makes Sas so happy. I love seeing her so happy, it makes my heart smile! and ignoring the fact he is going to be Dr Brad (but huge bonus points), I think he is a keeper  : )


So we went down to Balmoral beach today for a little photo shoot, it was packed, so much more than I anticipated and things didn’t get off to the smoothest start (Sas tried telling Brad that a bird pooping on you is good luck.. don’t know if he is a believer) but things quickly turned around and they seemed to be having fun.

We decided on the way back to the car to stop for an ice cream, at this idea Brad squealed with delight, like a little kid. too funny. it was his reward for being such a trooper during the session.

I took a photo one night a while back of these two love birds, it was just taken with my point and shoot but its their fave photo together and they told me at the begining of the session that it would be deemed a success IF i could get a better shot than the one taken at the pizza shop with my point and shoot… I hope I was able to do that for you guys.

End of session…

Sas: “is that a wrap?”

Me: “one more shot….both look at me *click click click*… ok now its a wrap”

Sas: yells “bags holding the camera on the way home”


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