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Little June Baby | Sydney Baby Photographer

A photography gift voucher from a Sydney baby photographer is the perfect present for any newborn. The best thing about this gift being that you end up with gorgeous photos of your little person. The second best thing is that you can use a newborn photography gift voucher whenever you choose. Clever Mum Alice saved the Le CoCo Voucher she received until her bub June was 6 months old and this is where the story begins…

June is now six months old and she is the most adorable little baby! Plump of leg, gummy toothed and all smiles she was absolutely beautiful and such a pleasure to have in front of my camera. Her Mum, Dad and fur sibling joined her for this relaxed family shoot and the images capture the deliciousness of this age and the love shared in this new family. They are everything I hoped for and more as a Sydney baby photographer.

Let me share with you why I consider this shoot to be such a success – there are lots of good tips for baby family photography secretly contained below…

Firstly, these images were shot at Baby June’s family home. As a Sydney baby photographer I firmly believe baby photography need not be stressful and see you scrambling for locations. Your own home is perfect – and it’s also where you are all relaxed and know how to be yourselves! There’s no travel time and everything you need (be it nappies, outfit changes, a favourite toy, your dog… whatever!) it’s all there at your fingertips!

Secondly these images capture real moments – real happiness, real snuggles, real giggles! The moments are not staged or forced. My style of family portraiture is natural and celebrates the beauty of authentic interactions and shared love. For me, this is what creates the most stunning imagery hands down. Some things just can’t be faked!

Lastly, the colours and the light are gorgeous! Disclaimer: I am definitely not the kind of photographer who wants to tell you what to wear. If you want to wear your Hyper Colour T-Shirt from 1993 or your child is insisting on their favourite Hulk Hogan wrestling costume and they feel amazing in that I say ‘go for it’. But the lovely soft colours in this shoot certainly create a beautiful neutral canvas that lets the expressions and moments sing without distraction.

Thank you Baby June and family for letting me into your lives and allowing me to capture these images for you! If you’d like to know about Sydney newborn photography gift vouchers, Sydney baby family photography or anything else I might be able to help you with (no I don’t know where to buy a Hulk Hogan Wrestling Costume!) feel free to get in touch!

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