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jared turns 4 | Sydney Childrens Photographer

Last week was a BIIIIIIG week, I am only just recovering from it now haha. It was ‘birthday week’ and a whole bunch of other things happened to keep us all busy. Kim’s birthday was Wednesday, Jared’s Thursday, mine was Friday and Jared’s party was Saturday. On top of all that cake making and sugar indulging, Jared went and had his ears ‘fixed’ by the doctor who was ‘looking for monkeys’ :) Friday was the biggest day, Megs had her school sports carnival and came 4th, it was my proudest moment as a non-parent :D. I also was very excited to finally be able to watch Megs practice netball as her training was moved to Friday afternoon, though I spent most of the time watching three littlies running up and down a hill :) Oh and there was some park time in between all of that!! I don’t think I could of thought of a better way to spend my birthday then with these two :D

I know, it’s exhausting just to read! While all that was happening I managed to take just a couple (yeah right!) photos of all the fun. Enjoy!

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