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I am loving these deliciously warm summer winter days, so very welcome. After this session I went to bed still on a high, I wished it had lasted a few more hours, two just wasn’t enough. I was having SO much fun and these kiddies were just wonderful. Sure there were the usual tantrums, tears and frowns, but for the most part this session was filled with cheeky smiles, cosy hugs, and lots of laughter, a few games of bocce, scooter riding, and singing along to the guitar which while singing Greenday’s ‘Time of your Life’ had me covered in goosebumps and feeling so overwhelmed with love for the beautiful people in front of me.

Harry, Will, and Katie  (the not-so-royal ones) were an absolute delight to photograph, they made my job so easy and so very enjoyable. I love the dynamics of this trio, Harry and Will are typical brothers, best mates one second.. rumbling and tumbling the next, they both look after little Katie as true big brothers would and are so patient with her, even when she has a change of heart and decides to kick them and run away. Bless her :)

After look at this session, you will see why I didn’t wish it to end :)

Elise xx

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