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One of the many perks that comes with photographing weddings for a bigger company is the twice yearly get together of all the photographers. Ma & Pa Saxon Cole aka Regina and Wil, always go above and beyond to make our get togethers’ fun and memorable. Last year it was a weekend away and some fun with our cameras with fabulous gifts of awesome snuggies (best thing ever).

This year we received a very secretive invite telling us to ‘dress in lazy wear’. So on Sunday, a number of us wonderful photographers descended upon Saxon Cole HQ, dressed in our laziest of wear (Nicole took it a step further with her uggies and bed socks haha, I threatened to wear my snuggie but chose not to). We arrived and were greeted with a huge feast for lunch then were told what was install for us, bowling followed by laser skirmish! Like true children we all groaned to Ma & Pa SC about that not being a ‘lazy wear’ occasion, I also complained of a sore hip which some miraculously got better for my bowling victory dance, however we all went along (some of us having to go buy some socks) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were teamed against a group of 8 year old for laser skirmish… and lost! My hostage tactics obviously failed but we had a ball!

And in true Saxon Cole form we were presented with a super special gift for all our hard work this past 6 months… edible CF cards!! (for those who do not know, a CF card is the memory card for our professional cameras)

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