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Heyyyyy Lila | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Lila, at 2 weeks old is already turning heads, she is beautiful.. petite, like a little pixie if you catch her on just the right angle. She really is just gorgeous. Her big brother Jesse is a man of few words however I managed to get a few laughs and fake sneezes (his party trick, thanks to Grandpa!). He is taking his time sussing out this new crying pink thing that has entered his world, though he is very gentle (as much as a big brother can be) and loving towards his new little sister crying pink thing.

I had such a great time with this family of four and here is just a few of my favorite moments from our session. I love the last shot, Lila is off with the pixies and missing all the fun :)

(P.S.. the title of this blog post is one of my all time favorite songs by Oasis – Lyla)

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