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mummy to be | Sydney Maternity Photographer

This is my gorgeous cousin Elaine! She is due to have her second bub in just over 2 weeks, though you couldn’t tell, it may be the smallest ‘almost due’ baby belly I have seen. She is convinced it is a boy, but my guess is a girl and at least we don’t have much longer until we find out :)

We had loads of laughs traipsing around this new location of mine, we almost ended up in a swamp, then when we found a dry area to enter into the long grass Elaine mentions snakes within a couple of seconds I hear something move in the grass and scream then she screams and we both run back to the path and decide to try a bit further up haha finally found this glorious spot with yummy sunset light for this yummy mummy ;) all worth the hassle!

Looking forward to having a newborn (girl hehe) to cuddle and photograph in just a couple of weeks YAY!

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