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Children’s Editorial Photography Sydney: Real Mums for Kid Mag

This month’s issue of Kid Magazine is an exciting one. It’s a departure from our normal children’s editorial photography Sydney and shifts focus to be on the lives of busy, working mums. Entitled ‘Celebrating Motherhood’ it is a genuinely honest yet gorgeous portrayal of what modern mum-life is like. Kid Magazine Editor Sara opened the article with words ‘Death to the stock image…‘ and from there the words describe the true challenges, delights and juggle that is being a working parent with small children.

Five Mums are featured each with a unique story of their own. Jenna Campbell of the Top Knot Shop and her two small girls are shown getting ready for a day out which captures the fun, chaos and giggles of girly life. Jenna describes her life as accepting of the imperfections and ‘choosing grace…’, which I really liked.

Kid Mag Editor Sara, Caroline Bagga of Australian Business Mums, Kate Meredith of Educate to Communicate Speech Pathology and Jackie Steele of Body Beyond Birth are also featured and it was a wonderful experience to work with inspiring women and their children and take note of their passion, diligence and resilience in a society where images show women having it all. They all have positive, real messages to share so click through for their wisdom on success, children and the modern juggling act!

Congratulations to all these amazing families – thank you for telling other Mums how life ‘really is’ and for letting us peak into your every day. And of course congratulations to Sara for a unique and uplifting editorial concept.

When shooting editorial photography I am always thrilled to have call for a lifestyle approach, as I like to capture real and emotive moments. A chorus of giggles, a loving snuggle with Mum or sneaky click of the ‘not-a-toy’ keyboard are the pictures that tell stories. With the authentic, ‘real life’ focus on this shoot (as opposed to a purist children fashion spread) this is exactly the images we need to convey the message. I am so pleased with the results!

To all the Mum’s out there this Mother’s Day – I hope you read this piece and realise that the myth of perfection is an oppressive one. Letting go of flaws and celebrating the moment you are in – as chaotic, messy or silly as it may seem – is a road to happy mummy life. Your kids think you are amazing just the way you are.

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Kid Magazine Issue 22Kid Magazine Issue 22Kid Magazine Issue 22Kid Magazine Issue 22Kid Magazine Issue 22Kid Magazine Issue 22Kid Magazine Issue 22

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