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If you are a regular reader of the Le CoCo blog you would know that I love Foxy Fellow and consider them one of my favourite clients. I loved shooting for them last year and am still incredibly proud of that sun-lit celebration of preppy, stylish fashion for little boys.

I was pleased to just this month be put to task with the camera for Foxy Fellow once again. My responsibility was to shoot their product photography for their upcoming range release – this might sound easy, no models and controlled light, but its actually very, very tricky! I received the box of product and realised there was so many gorgeous pieces I’d need to come up with a way to display the items so they looked amazing, their detail was highlighted but also so they looked creative, stylish and on-brand.

I am pleased with the final, preppy outcome of this shoot. The colours are fresh, the products are inviting and the depth of range is well demonstrated. Product Photography success? Tick!

If you have a requirement for Product Photography or Fashion Product Photography please make contact with me. Whilst I am best known for my lifestyle approach to kids fashion I am adept at creating Product Photography images that allow your range, brand and new releases to sing. Product Photography need not be stiff, dull flat lays, there is great opportunity to bring personality and story to how you show your product.

The other thing that’s great to note if you are seeking product photography is that if you’d like to be ‘hands-off’ and leave the work to me I have no problems with this! I am based in Sydney and regularly receive fabulous boxes of kids fashion to my door for labels who want the images but don’t have the time or inclination to spend their days at kids fashion photo shoots. If you’d like to be here and work alongside me, that’s awesome. But if you are busy, can’t travel or just ‘need it done now!’ its great for my clients to know that I can achieve that they need independently.

Once again, Foxy Fellow has nailed it – if you’d like to see what they have on offer be sure to click through to their website or Facebook pages. And if you’d like to contact me click through to here!


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