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carter & the giant ants | Sydney Family Photography

Last year I photographed this sweet family, this year… they have grown by one. One delicious blue eyed little boy named Carter. With two excited, energy charged siblings, Carter is one chilled out baby.. he has no say :)

Mathias, Carters big brother, is one of the most energetic 2 years olds I have met. One of the photos from this session, which I have not shown here, really sums it all up: Taylor sitting pretty with her mum cuddling Carter, Dad reaching out to stop Mathias from running away, Mathias just a blur in the edge of the frame. At least I was able to capture a few gorgeous shots of him in the seconds I was granted. This was in between fighting with giant ants that looked like this and this, seriously I have never seen ants this big or with ‘claws’ like this.

It was definitely worth the trip down to The Oaks though… don’t know where that is? neither did I. Its a cute little town west of Camden. A stunning sunset made for some gorgeous photos at the end of the session. Absolutely loving the daddy and daughter moment at the end. <3


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