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Meet Cathy & Bernie. Typical new parents; totally, hopelessly blissed out and in awe of their little bundle. That precious little parcel is Lily. Beautiful, raven-haired, wrinkly, powder fragranced Lily. Completely, deliciously intoxicating Lily. When Cathy contacted me to take their daughters newborn photos she had seen my blog before and knew my work. They hoped for images that were relaxed, real and authentic. That captured their tiny child in all her natural glory and nothing more. And they wanted images of their princess with her eyes both open and shut – something that I am personally very passionate about – so that pleased me no end.

On session day I immediately felt at ease with Cathy & Bernie. They were happy to be themselves and enjoy having this special time celebrated in images. They laughed, joked and loved one another – and Lily of course – and I was able to shoot them being ‘them’. I imagine it was just like any other day in their lives as new parents – but with a photographer in the house.

Cathy & Bernie are cool people. They are forthright and real, ‘open books’ if you will about their lives and their journey to becoming parents. I appreciated that they shared this intimacy with me. Born of IVF – a miracle of modern science – little Lily is a long-awaited blessing to her parents. This precious gal was the almost perfect model. She enchanted us all with her delicious bubby faces, pouting her squidgy baby lips and furrowing her downy baby eyebrows. The occasional squeak let us know it was boob time once again but all in all Lily was a picture of tiny, milky contentment.

Lily has been named with a second name steeped in her Vietnamese heritage and will be raised in a fabulously diverse Australian home. One that harks respect to her Asian roots and embraces the wonderful life that is Sydney. What a lucky little girl. More than anything that makes this little lady the luckiest in the world is that she’s completely spoiled. Spoiled in love and caring and two-mummy doting by women that are going to show her the very best, most amazing life.

So, Cathy and Bernie – enjoy your new chapter and all the laughter and love that it brings. Here are a handful of your first ‘family of three’ portraits…

Oh – you just realized that Lily has two mummies did you? Well, yes – I didn’t think I needed to mention it. All a new baby needs is love and there’s an excess of it in Cathy & Bernadette’s home. And as far as families go, in my books, that’s absolutely perfect.



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