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So as many of you know, my love and I are setting off on a new adventure, across the other side of the world, we won’t be gone too long but long enough.

As I expressed when I announced the move in an earlier post the decision was not made lightly, the hardest part was knowing I would be leaving my business, my clients, my other love! While it is still a big decision, I am a little less worried as I will be leaving leCoCo and my clients in the capable hands of Megan, aka ‘the new Elise’. While I know I am not replaceable, I think I have made a wonderful decision in selecting Megan to represent leCoCo. The past couple of months have been and the next few months will be, dedicated to training her and getting her ready to tackle this new chapter in both our lives.

The main reason I hired her is that she has a daughter named Coco! Ok it wasn’t the main reason… as she didn’t even tell me till a couple of weeks in :)

With our first leWorkshop fast approaching, it is a super busy time between training, organising, shooting and processing client orders.. I am thrilled to have Megan along for the ride and just know that all my current and future clients will be thrilled with her and her amazing work.

We are working on Megan’s little bio as we speak but we will let you know when it is up so you can find out a little more about this lovely mother to 3, wife to 1, photographer extraordinaire!!

For now, feast your eyes on leCoCo’s newest photographer and her daughter Coco, photographed in a gorgeous field while a big storm threatened above!


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