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a tea party like no other | Sydney Children’s Photographer

I remember my childhood birthday parties like it was yesterday. Putt Putt golf, Plaster Painting, Maccas party, parties at home, sleep overs, fairy bread, musk sticks, red frogs, party pies, ice cream cake, soft drink , lolly bags, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and pass the parcel. Oh how I miss those days *sigh*

When this gorgeous family, asked me to photograph Elizabeth’s 7th birthday party, I had visions of games, food and cake similar to the parties of my childhood, little did I know that Elizabeth’s mum was working overtime in creating the most amazing girly tea party for her and 13 mad hatters girly friends. ‘Games’ included painting little tea pots that also doubled as money box’s, making their own necklaces and decorating pretty party gloves with lots of lace and sparkles. Food included chocolate dipped strawberries, hand made sausage rolls, butterfly cupcakes just to name a few, they drank from jars and ate jelly from tea cups! I am starting to feel like my childhood birthdays were lacking a little something, must have words with mum ;)

I had such a great time capturing this gorgeous event and I am disappointed that I missed Sarah’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic 4th birthday a few weeks ago. I can only imagine!

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