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mia & morris | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Mia and Morris, it sounds like a children’s clothing label doesn’t it? You know, like Max and Tilly or Janie and Jack or Jack and Jill ok you get the idea.

In actual fact Mia is a 2 week old teeny tiny baby and Morris… well he’s her cat of course. OF COURSE I hear you cry, because every newborn baby has a cat!  Well he was there first but you get the picture. Morris is possibly the most handsome cat I have ever seen, possibly the biggest and the only one who has reminded me of Garfield.

Mia is an absolute doll, she is itty bitty and just gorgeous, besides a few cries here and there Mia slept like a dream and when she was done sleeping she happily lay there smiling (and yawning) for the camera. I guess Morris has been teaching her how to pose it up! 

Here is just a quick peek at Mia’s session and Morris’s impromptu session.  Happy Friday!

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