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wynnie & bronte | dog photography sydney

Over the Christmas break while I was busy drinking wine in the Hunter Valley I had to send my poor little Wynston off to the dog kennels, I sent him to PETS… yep Professional Education Training Services.. for my little Wynnie :( 

A couple of weeks before he was due to leave, a friend told me her dog, a Whippet named Bronte, was also headed there. So when I dropped Wynnie off, I told them that he had a friend here, Bronte, and while he had never met Bronte, I requested they spend some time together, you see… Wynnie is a human stuck in a mini foxie X Chihuahua’s body, he refuses to acknowledge he is of the furry four legged variety, therefor he does not play nicely with other dogs.  He sleeps on the couch, and if he is forced to sleep outside, he sleeps on the table (his bed is on the floor).

So I sent Bugs (my nickname for Wynnie) off to the kennels and even paid extra to have him trained, I told them he HAD to learn to be friends with other dogs, no barking no biting… FRIENDS! He once bit a doberman… a dog with a tail longer than Bugs entire body and tail… that was embarrassing! I had no idea if he had spent time with Bronte but I decided to bring him over to meet her and see, I used my newly taught training techniques and took Wynnie into Brontes yard… SUCCESS! no biting, no barking, he even licked Bronte on the nose! I was so excited, and while they didn’t play, they avoided each other best they could, I was happy!!

I had intended on getting a few images of Wynnie and his new friend but they would not come near each other long enough.

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