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charlotte | Baby Photography Sydney

This cheeky little munchkin goes by the name of Charlotte, and occasionally answers to it too :) 

Last year I had the absolute pleasure of being her friend, playing with her, feeding her and of course dressing her up pretty for photo shoots. Capturing a day in the life of little miss Charlotte was loads of fun. Here are just a select few from many many photographs taken of this baby girl. 

I miss her cute as anything toothy grin and pokey-out tongue, her giggle that I sometimes swear she was putting on to make me think I was funny. I miss her random outburst of yelling for nothing, and I think I maybe even miss her little tantrums… maybe! Most off all I miss her vast aray of expressions but I feel I was able to so beautifuly capture these that they will never be forgotten as she grows and changes.  

I hear from her mum that she is getting super fast, almost walking and climbing on everything! Go Girl!!

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