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The Hopkins | Sydney Family Photographer

In the delicious late afternoon sun light of Easter Monday, I met with this gorgeous family of 4.5. We couldn’t have asked for better light and location, I love this spot.

To me this shoot was a little bit important, you see the dad is the brother of a fellow photographer who is currently busy traipsing around the UK and Europe with her family (tough life for some!), so to be blessed with the job of taking her place for this special time in their lives was very exciting and special to me. I hope I did you proud Aunty Angie ;)

The boys took a bit of time to warm up to me, not being used to a stranger taking their photos, but after they came around there was no stopping the endless kisses (Ethan) and rumbles (oh also Ethan!), and sometimes kisses ending in rumbles. Too much fun and too darn cute.

When they arrived and I asked Sam his name he told me it was Samuel I asked if I could call him Sam or would he prefer Samuel, he replied saying to call him “Samuel Hopkins” haha, needless to say I went with Sam.

I wish them all the best for a safe and speedy (but not too speedy) arrival of their precious little girl. I can’t wait to meet her

I hope everyone had a wonderful family and chocolate filled Easter xx

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