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Sam and Laura are old friends of mine, I met Sam years ago.. then he met Laura, then I met Laura, then he fell in love with Laura, then I fell in love with Laura hahaha :P  They then moved to Canberra (boooooo!) and it’s now months and months between catch ups. So when we discovered we would all be in Melbourne at the same time, it was not even a question, a  shoot with their new little bubba was a must! I hadn’t met Jacob yet and was over the moon to finally do so, he is absolutely perfect.. tongue poking out and all :P

How cute is he in his little volly’s – dad said “look at him, he looks like a little person when he wears shoes”, lol indeed he does! Also I love how the one photo where mum & dad are making fun of Jacob always poking his tongue out… he’s not! haha

side note: Sam is a fireman, yep.. a real life ‘Fireman Sam’ haha (sorry Sam!)

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