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So the past few weeks have been really hectic and totally mind numbing, I swear I am losing my memory.. I can’t remember what I did yesterday without looking at my phone calendar, ask me what I did last week and we have a serious problem. It has been suggested to me that it is stress, despite being crazy busy I don’t feel stressed about it all so I am crossing that off the list, another friend suggested that I am not eating right.. apparently soup is NOT dinner and when I think about what I had for breakfast this morning, an overpriced weak hot chocolate, I can’t say he is entirely off the mark.

On a more positive note I am off to Fiji in one week, so hopefully that will help eliminate any stress I may have and give me the chance to eat properly so we will soon know if that’s a factor. I am day dreaming of cocktails by/in the pool and a few massages and spa treatments in between the cocktails. Staying at the Sheraton and it looks ammmazing!

Some news for you…

1. I am teaming up with a local children’s clothing boutique Bliss Kidz in Gladesville.. more news on that soon.

2. Received a random but welcomed email from my old web designer Mikaela Danvers (check out her personal blog, I love her ” To-Do List” I love the idea of 101 things in 1001 days. Thinking of writing my own!) anyway Mik is from Canberra so we have never met, she sent me a random email saying her and her hubby will be traveling to Sydney for some photos and she wants me to take them :D I already have a million ideas.. it wont be until November so plenty of time to convince her organise it all. Exciting though :)

3. I went on a winter clothes shopping spree the other day, spent waaayyyyy too much money but now have lovely warm clothes to show for it.


Today I am…


if the guy from Love Song Dedications on the radio really sounds like that normally.


It was not already getting so cold in the mornings, I want warm weather to last just a teensy bit longer. I am not ready to pull out the winter woolies (I am wearing a scarf) : ( I miss you daylight savings.


my not-so-new-anymore stamp, ordered it from etsy from an awesome custom stamp maker JLMould  its just of my logo and I am using it on my packaging for a wonderful boutique look and feel. I have been using it lots and think I ended up with more ink on me than on the paper but had fun in the process.


TimTam Crush chocolate biscuits yummmmm

blog stalking..

Carsonhall Photography they photographed a friends wedding and I saw it pop up on Facebook so flowed the link and now I am loving their work!

happy about..

how happy my last few clients have made me, reminds me how much I love what I do and how blessed I am to be creating my dream life starting with my dream career.


this week goes really fast, bring on Fiji. Also hoping my memory gets better. *sigh*

just discovered..

google reader… now all my blog stalking is in one place and I wont miss a thing!

inspired by..

my friends.. my photographer friends that is, I was lucky enough to catch up with a few of them over the past two weeks and had a good chit chat about business and life, they all inspire me in different ways. I hope I inspire them just as much. x


And because I cannot write a blog post witout photos, below is the resort I am staying at in Fiji.. jealous?, it is not my photo but I hope to soon update my blog with MY Fiji photos :D


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