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Madeline | lifestyle photographer Sydney

Back in December when Madeline was just a few days old I had the pleasure of capturing her and her wonderful parents as they delighted in all that was this squishy newborn girl.

5 very quick months later, they invited me back into their home to see how much Madeline had grown. A reminder of how fast these little beings change. I picked a few similar shots I took from both sessions, side by side you can see how much she has grown, into a wide eyed baby who is just as amazed by her parents as they are by her. It’s always extra special when it’s a clients first child, EVERYTHING baby does is a new experience for both parents, a time of wonder and hidden joy. So much love.

(now I know why there aren’t as many photos of me as there is of my older brother and sister as babies, my parents were no longer amazed… haha)


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