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birthday girl | Sydney Children’s Photographer

Today is my niece Ruby’s 3rd birthday, we had a great kid filled celebration yesterday at the indoor play centre in Wyong, man that place is pretty sweet if you are a kid, if you are prone to headaches, not so sweet! Much fairy bread, cheezles, cake and more cake was consumed.. and boy did I feel sick :P

As we were leaving I took my niece, nephew Taj and two of their little friends, Zoe and Tyler, off for a quick photoshoot. Love some of the shots I was able to get of the little posers.

Happy Birthday Ruby, and Happy Birthday to my Poppy.. he would have been 91 today, Nanna is on her way to you Pop and I have given her a message to give to you. Miss you loads and loads and I hope I am making you proud. xo

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