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I needed to pick just a couple of favourites to blog from yesterdays session with this gorgeous family, well as usual I couldn’t pick just a couple, I was up late last night editing as I ooohed and aaahhed over shots, so many great moments between this family captured and so little blog space :) So I have selected just a few of my favourites. 

I love photographing a family that just… just…. ummm, I seriously can’t find the word… ooze love? ok that sounds wrong, radiate love? hmm better. This family did just that and made our job so easy to capture those moments. Haley, Josh and their cousin Ella are just beautiful, we could have photographed them all day.

It was so lovely to meet you all, I drove home yesterday with a big smile on my face as I was so happy to have met you and to have had the honour of taking your first professional family portrait since 1985 was it? :D

The last shots is my toe-tingling favourite… it’s the eyes :) Happy 5th Birthday Josh

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