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365 things to be grateful for | Sydney Portrait Photographer

Too often we take things for granted (yep we have all heard that before), small things, big things, medium things, the every day. Recently while looking at Sydney Harbour Bridge I realised that in my 25 years in Sydney (my whole life) I had never really stopped and appreciated what a wonderful city I live in. I always took it for granted.

So on 29th July, my 25th birthday, I began my quest to photograph something I am grateful for, every.single.day.for.one.whole.year!

I will be using any medium possible to capture what I am grateful for, my phone, my mini Polaroid, my SLR, my point and shoot! If you click on the 365 Grateful link on the menu bar above you will be taken to view my grateful images so far. I will be stopping frequent uploads while traveling for 6 weeks but I will not stop being grateful and photographing every day, I will catch you up when I return on 2nd October :)

I hope this inspires you to stop, look around and be grateful.

Inspired by Hailey Bartholomew of You Can’t Be Serious.
Inspired by life, love, laughter, tears and the every day.


31.7.10 – 

Luna Park, Sydney

grateful for the opportunity to recapture my youth, just for one day!

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