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About Newborn Sessions

About Newborn Photography

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY {A story of new life}

Never are the moments more fleeting nor more easily forgotten than in welcoming a tiny baby into your life. Newborn photography, ideally taken within the first week of bringing your baby home, captures your precious child at their most perfect, in those early days when they are sleepy rugged–up bundles and deliciously small.

Capturing your newborns story is a gift to yourself as a parent – and to your little one for the future. In documenting ‘the story of new life’ you forever preserve those tiny curled fingers, dreamy milky smiles and wrinkly baby fingers.

What does a newborn photography shoot entail?

Typically a newborn shoot is conducted in your home with Elise travelling to you to ensure that it can be as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Ideally, a newborn shoot should be before baby is two weeks old as it is in these very early days that they are at their most deliciously curly, sleepy and compliant.

Elise understands that new babies need breaks for cuddles, comfort stops and feeds so her approach is flexible and patient to ensure that you and your little one are able to relax and enjoy the shoot experience.

A newborn photography shoot can seem like an overwhelming idea despite something you feel that you really want to do. Bringing home a new baby is an exciting but challenging time and at Le CoCo we understand that newborn shoots require a relaxed, informal and flexible approach to make it as easy and stress free as possible for Mums, Dads and new babies.  (It doesn’t matter that the house is not immaculate or that you may not have new parenthood under control quite yet – Elise’s expertise will see a shoot that results in perfect images no matter the behind the scenes chaos! That’s why Le CoCo is well-recognised as a specialist in newborn imagery.)

Elise is well known for her patient, kind and understanding approach to newborn photography and her gentle confidence in handling precious newborns.

When to book your newborn shoot

To ensure that Elise can capture your little one in its most early days we encourage you to book your shoot in with Le CoCo prior to delivery.

In fact, the sooner the better! This allows Le CoCo to ensure that we have time ‘allocated’ during the week of your expected homecoming.

Of course, we know that babies can be unpredictable and a delivery date can change (sometimes quite a bit!) but this approach ensures that a date can be tentatively booked and that the photography calendar allows time for your little one – whenever they choose to join us!

Once your little one arrives simply call, text or email Elise and she will reply with a confirmed session time.

I’m a last minute Mum – can you still shoot my newborn?

Of course we will try to! If you have decided last minute that you do want newborn photography done  – maybe you just stumbled onto our site via Google or your friend recommended us – and you haven’t booked with us whilst pregnant that’s okay. Please contact the studio ASAP and we will do our very best to schedule you in.

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