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About Maternity Sessions

About Maternity


Being pregnant is a beautiful, special time in a woman’s life. Your skin is glowing, your hair fabulous and you’ve never felt more in touch with your inner goddess than when you are expecting.  Your hands reach for your bump hundreds of times a day, affectionately rubbing and dreaming of what lies within.

Le CoCo believes this radiance should be celebrated and whether you want some conservative, earthy shots of your blossoming radiance or some dramatic semi-nude silhouettes celebrating your sexy new form we can confidently and comfortably capture your dream maternity images.

Your pregnancy is the story of a nine-month journey. The awe, the excitement, the anticipation and the wonder that is Mother Nature is your tale to preserve.

What does a maternity shoot entail?

Maternity photography is ideally shot between 30 and 34 weeks when pregnant Mum’s are looking and feeling their most radiant.

Your maternity shoot can take any style or form and Elise will discuss your ideal ‘look’ with you before the shoot to ensure that the images you hope for can be achieved.

Natural light shoots in the outdoors make for fabulous maternity shoots –especially ones that include daddies and other little siblings. As a Sydney photographer Elise is able to suggest many locations that are ideal for this style of image be it a park, beach, field or forest.

If you are thinking of something a little bit more sensual that’s perfectly fine too! As a woman, Elise understands how to make your feel confident and comfortable shooting tasteful, beautiful semi-nude or silhouette images in your own home if you want something a little bit more exotic.

You will feel relaxed, at ease and never self-conscious, as Elise is adept at styling this style of image for a magnificent end result and enjoyable process.


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