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About Family Sessions

About Family Photography


The connections that bind a family unit are complex yet intangible. Somehow a beautiful image of a candid smile, sneaky cuddle or proud-as-punch parent can tell the story of our relationships better than words can ever muster.

The story of your family is an ever-changing one. A rich tale of love and growth that can be shared for years to come if carefully documented from behind the lense.

At Le CoCo family is our passion. We relish these connections and the fun of every family photo session – chasing littlies, warming up uncomfortable dads and even including the family pets – we believe in the story that is families and the great importance of relishing these moments now yet recording them for tomorrow’s enjoyment and reflection.

Le CoCo’s tips for your family photography shoot

A family portrait shoot should reflect your personalities and your day-to-day life. The most magnificent images (and the ones that you will treasure and relate to most) are ones that illustrate the best but most real version of yourself and your family.  That’s why we have put together the following handy tips to ensure you shoot is the best it can be!

Choosing a location for your family shoot

Le CoCo specialises in shooting beautiful, lifestyle family portraiture all over Sydney in natural light. We are more than happy to suggest a location to you if you have a specific idea in my mind but don’t know where to shoot that look.

On the flipside, you may have a location in mind that is special to your family, has meaning in your lives or is something that you love to do – or a place you love to go to? Even better!

Elise firmly believe’s that your family portraits should be relaxed and natural and this is best achieved somewhere you feel comfortable and happy. Even more importantly, photos taken somewhere that celebrate your family in their ‘natural habitat’ make for the most beautiful, most real, most ‘you’ images we can capture. And that’s what Le CoCo lifestyle portraiture likes the best.

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