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Rosalie is a photographer, and the cousin of my friend Saskia . Saskia introduced us a few weeks ago, ok it was more of a “my cousin is a photographer you should contact her” so a few facebook messages later we caught up for a quick chat… that lasted almost 4 hours, or was that the second catch up? oh who knows! We have seen each other every week since and helped each other with shoots where needed, I was sure she was getting sick of the sight of me until she asked me to photograph her wedding next March.. guess I will need to find a new assistant for that haha, can’t wait! 

 After a session we had together the other day we decided to go to the park and take photos of each other haha, just for fun.. I am looking forward to seeing her photos of me and my paper cranes hehe.  I have left out the photos of her kissing a tree… but they deserve a mention :P

Rosalie SweeneyRosalie Sweeney

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