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three boys, one girl & a dog | Sydney Family Photographer

This session was suppose to take place last Thursday, but a sick child changed those plans and we had to postpone! Those who know me well know my motto “Everything Happens for a Reason” when things are tough and dark clouds hover over me or when things just don’t go to plan, I remind myself of this, even if I cannot always see what the reason may be, I know that there is one. When my Nan passed away last year I reminded myself of this and it helped me though. I even use this motto with the small things, having to postpone this session.. I knew there was a reason (besides a sick kidlet).. that reason I now believe is so that we would have the opportunity to capture these amazing photos, Thursday was raining very hard, Sunday was gorgeous.. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!

I was delighted to finally meet these two spunks.. Hunter, who is almost 8 weeks, and his big brother Jack, 16 mths. More photos to come soon :)

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