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The Fox | Sydney Family Portrait Photographer

When an email begins with “I’m a somewhat-camera-shy father to a baby boy named Fox..” I knew this shoot wasn’t going to be my every day family shoot. Disappoint it did not!

Fox is every bit as cool as his name, and every bit as cheeky & cute as his nickname of Weasel.  Yes the Fox is also called Weasel, can’t wait for baby #2  ;)

So.. Fox kicked off the day by NOT napping for mum and dad, REBEL! but it’s ok we perked him right up with his, well documented, first taste of ice cream! And possibly first taste of coffee?? We don’t know!

Plenty of laughs balanced out with adorable moments.  This little charmer I could photograph all day, even without his nap he was all smiles and cute giggles. My world is a happier place for meeting this gorgeous family, thank you for inviting me to capture Fox before he “turns into a non-photogenic monsterchild before his first birthday”, yes my email correspondence with Dad was just as hilarious as the morning at the park itself.


Sydney Family Portrait Photographer

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