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Ok I admit I am a little behind the eight ball on this one, but I’d rather be behind it than not at all, make sense? great!

So I have now excitedly discovered ShakeItPhoto a polaroid app for the iPhone! I am having a ball, taking photos of me feet, the sky and just stuff, anything, everything… I’M HOOKED!!!

one teeny weeny tiny problem I have stumbled upon… I don’t actually own an iPhone! yeah just a small issue!

I have however found a solution… the guy who sits next to me at my day job has one (YAY) and he so kindly offered to download it for me (ok so there may have been some begging and bribery involved) . This may come to be Andrew’s biggest regret yet! I don’t know how he is going to feel about giving up his phone a few times a day so I can run around and take photos and turn them into Polaroids! there is just too much fun to be had.

I am now considering getting an iPhone, for no other reason besides this app, and I am sure this decision will be encouraged by Andrew by the end of this week. Like I said, I’M HOOKED!!!


Check out some of my images from today…


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