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sandcastles and sunshine | Sydney Family Photographer

When I first met Bailey we got off to a bumpy start, while most little children are of course cautious of this stranger to begin with, once I take a few photos and play around a bit they relax right into it. This little guy had myself, mum and dad in a bit of a panic as he was petrified of my camera, he has never seen one so big before and didn’t know what it was, and why the heck I was pointing it at him. When I first pulled it out of my bag, he backed away then RAN!!! all the while looking back to make sure I wasn’t after him.

I persisted and worked my magic (showed him a photo of himself on the back of the camera ha!) and he finally relaxed, which meant we could relax. This is the result of the shoot, a very happy boy and gorgeous little family. Oh yeah and mum is having a baby! but this session was more about Bailey and the family they have been for the past 2 years :)

P.S how adorable is the gap in his front teeth!

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