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Ocienne | Sydney Baby Photographer

This little miss is only 10 months old however I can already tell she has strong likes and dislikes…

Ocienne likes… her mummy and daddy laughing silly, crawling really fast, eating grass, being thrown in the air, my camera strap (its a pretty Pepper strap), milk, did I mention eating grass?.. ok well trying to eat grass.

Ocienne dislikes… my camera!… at first she was intrigued, that didn’t last long, she was not so happy with being the centre of attention.

I have to mention also that she has the most gorgeous wardrobe, she had more dress changes than Kylie Minogue and each one better than the last, is it wrong to have wardrobe envy of a 10 month old? Best dressed little girl around.

Just a little peek, more to come soon…


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