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maxie, part II | Sydney Newborn Photographer

One of the downsides of not working out of a studio is I can’t take ALL my props and blankets with me, my car only fits so much.. and that’s not very much!

However I like to look at the upside, you know.. glass half full! One of the best things about being a mobile photographer is being invited into the homes of my wonderful clients and getting to see their children’s bedrooms, the way the parents have poured their heart’s into decorating them, the little gifts a newborn has received, and the things that are them! I love to capture these little details as I believe they are just as important as those eyes, and those lips and those adorably cute feet. Almost as fast as they grow, their surroundings change, they grow out of their crib, they might move house, they are not going to remember how it was when they were first brought home, or when they were two-years-old. People take photo’s of people to remember them as they were at specific moment in time, what about the other thing? I wish wish wish I had a photo of my bedroom, of my baby things from when I was this teensy.

Max is no exception, his parents have gone to a lot of effort to make his room… his! I hope he looks back at these photo’s and smiles, knowing how much his parent’s wanted him and how welcomed they made him feel.

He looks so peacefully sleepy in these photo’s but I assureyou he was one wide eyed, yet content, little munchkin most of the session, and I  just have a feeling this little one is going to be famous, he posed for the camera and followed my every move, I don’t think I have had a newborn who has been so happy to watch me snap away.. oohh maybe he is going to be a photographer? hehe

Happy Friday!

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