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jess + corey = engaged

Jess and Corey are ENGAGED (insert happy dance here)

Corey asked Jess the big question on Easter Friday, he planned a picnic at a harbour side spot significant to them, he packed foods from many of the places they had visited while dating, he made her some mix cd’s of songs that held special meaning to their relationship and following the proposal he was to be taking her on a surprise trip to Melbourne for the weekend so they could celebrate their engagement together. Corey had the whole thing planned out, you could even say everything was PERFECT, right out of a movie… then he chose the perfect moment to ask Jess the question… right as she took a bite from a macaroon and had her mouth full! Yep a movie.. a romantic comedy maybe haha

Then they had to quickly pack up their picnic and race to the airport as they were about to miss their flight :D I love proposal stories. I has such a fun time today with these two, I joked at the end of our session that if I didn’t get any good photos we’d have to come back next weekend and re-shoot… on that note…

I HATE THESE PHOTO’S, THEY ARE REALLY BAD… see you next weekend ;)  haha

Huge congratulations to you both, I am so very happy for you!

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