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happy friday… again! | Sydney Portrait Photographer

I cannot believe it’s Friday again, and yes I do know this happens once a week, but what I am shocked at is that I have been so busy that I have not blogged in a week, last Friday’s post was suppose to be a sneak peek at the next post which was to be more images from Charli’s session, it has been such a crazy busy week that I have not even had a moment to edit.

What have I been doing this week? Besides a few corporate shoots, I have been busy working with my wonderful patient designer on my new booklets, and while they were not what I originally envisioned, because things happen and minds change (ok mymind haha) and time is of the essence… I love them all the same :) and as you may well have already guessed… I adore the little girl in the blue dress holding her monkey, so she is on the back and front covers.

I am donating a package to Gordon East Public School for their fundraiser night tomorrow night, so these booklets are for my little display table at the event. I am going tomorrow afternoon to set it up so I will take some photos of it all set up to show you.. and I hope it won’t be next Friday before I get the chance.

So once again… Happy Friday!


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