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anouk | Sydney Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Any Sydney resident or really anyone who has crossed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, will have seen the below building, infamous Blues Point Tower. For many years I have looked at it and wondered what it was like inside, was it as umm.. unattractive as the outside, with no balconies and seemingly tiny windows. When Anouk’s mummy told me their address, I was excited.. then.. not so excited, worrying about the amount of light that would be coming in. I needn’t have worried, with big windows and all rooms almost covered in mirrors, I was blessed with a beautiful apartment filled with lovely light and one amazing view!

Not to forget my gorgeous subject, this little munchkin arrived 11 days early, and by all the yawning she did, I think she still wanted to be in her mummy’s tummy curled up asleep. Never have I had such a yawner :) too cute! She reminds me of a little lion in some of the images. ROARRRR!

One of my favorite images, dad watching over his two girls, caught him in one of the mirrors! ;)

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