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Almost Two | Sydney Children’s Photographer

If you ask Liam how old he is, his reply is “Almost Two”, in actual fact he turned two last month and is just a bit slow in catching on. He is most definitely not slow at anything else, super fast and had me on my toes all afternoon. He also is the only two year old that I know who knows his ABC’s and his colours, good looking and smart! Mum you are going to have to keep your eye on him when he grows up.

I absolutely adore his bouncy blonde curls that mum refuses to cut in case his hair goes straight, and his super blue blue eyes. *Sigh*

Liam’s mummy is Kylie a friend and fellow photographer. If this post leaves you wanting more of those hypnotic blue eyes you can check out Kylie’s flickerfor many many more gorgeous shots of this little spunk. Kylie is in the process of setting up her business Paddington Lane, I looooove the name.

Kylie and I also have a little secret, we are teaming up for a little something but for now it remain a secret… Sshhhh! All will be revealed soon.

The bottom two photos are my faves. Enjoy!







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