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a beautiful day | Sydney Family Photographer

Super excited to have met Elise, her little sister Camille and their mummy & daddy. I was excited to be meeting another Elise, there are not many of us about.. and even less who spell is the correct French way ;)

With all the rain we were having, we definitely picked a deliciously sunny afternoon.. Though the week before when our session was initially booked in, it was touch and go, and as I was driving to meet this little family, mum called to say it was raining where they were so we postponed until the following week, this was definitely the best decision as I then got stuck in traffic for 60min on a 15min drive but was entertained by the amazing lightening storm that had just begun! Not a photo shoot type of afternoon :)

However the day we postponed until was wonderful, a perfect afternoon for a walk along the water and some family photos. It was slightly confusing with all the Elise’s there, haha and it must be the name because little Elise just loved it in front of the camera, sounds very familiar :D

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