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 I was ‘tagged’ by the oh so fab Rowe Timson Photography to share 7 random things.  Truth is she tagged me AGES ago and I am only just now finding the time to do this. Rowe changed hers up a bit and did 7 things that make her heart sing, check hers out too! I wish it was 100 random things because I could go on and on!

1. My favourite colour is white, yeah yeah I know it’s not really a colour.. White bed sheets, white towels, white dresses, white desk, white walls.. I want it all… WHITE!

2. When I got my doggie Wynston, I told my parents I found him, when really I got him from a pet shop, they knew right away haha

3. You know how they say your parents are always mostly right.. well at 25 I am just now begining to see that this is very true.

4. I have the biggest sweet tooth, desert is the most important meal of the day!

5. My motto in life is.. “everything happens for a reason”, this has been tested a couple of time but still stands!

6. Growing up, I always wanted a Ferret and a Whippet. I kind of still do!

7. I believe that more than anything we are changeable, we can be going in one direction our whole life but it only takes a moment to change direction.

ok now I am done I am going to tag a few of my friends I would like to know 7 random things about!

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