Matt + Lauren | Married

Once Upon A Time (about 11 years ago) a boy met a girl… on the 14th April 2012… a man married a woman. The End!

Well not quite that straight forward…

One story I have been waiting to share with everyone is a story of 4 tradesmen! 4 men who may have never worn ties or cufflinks in their lives! This made for an interesting getting ready session. Matt asked me when we arrived “so do you want to take some photos of us putting on each others cufflinks?” me: “no we will photograph you putting on your own cufflinks and ties etc”. Come cufflink-putting-on-time, the boys put each others on… because they didn’t know how to do their own and even this was a struggle. Don’t get me started on the ties, which were pre-tied by the tailor even (except Matt’s). As the boys put them on, took them off, switched ties, put them on, switched again… Matt… had his tied by Nicole, my assistant. Oh boys!! Lucky you were all looking so handsome and you had Matt’s mum there to get you to the ceremony on time.

However the boys had nothing on Lauren, she was utterly stunning! Her dress, the details.. stunning. Nicole was ready to pinch Laurens engagement ring as she couldn’t stop swooning over it. An antique 1920’s ring with its history in England, it is beautiful. Now girls no one will blame you if you skip right down to the ring photos below;)

A gorgeous garden ceremony at Vaucluse House, followed by a night of eating, drinking and being merry.


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  • Jane - April 30, 2012 - 2:34 pm

    simply stunning Elise

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